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Yeldell Scientific LLC

Industry Leader in Custom Microsoft Solutions for Life-Sciences, QA/QC, Learning Management, Logistics, POS and Content-Creation. Serving Both the Enterprise as well as Small Businesses.

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What We Provide

Yeldell Scientific is a software development and consulting firm that helps clients automate existing business processes through the use of custom MS Office Addins created for MS Word, MS Excel, MS Outlook, MS Powerpoint and MS Access compatible with 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and Office 365.


Our custom tools can automate your business process, talk to eachother and even push data to mobile devices. Amazingly, all of this is done while leveraging the use of your existing installation of MS Office!


Why Choose Us

Yeldell Scientific is successful in this  niche due to our focus on the analysis of current processes for Pain-Points, Silos and Stove Pipes. We then follow-through with innovative, custom MS Office Addins that function as tools to enable your staff in :

-Performing complex, repetitive tasks.

-Making decisions based on actionable data.

-Streamlining a current process for usability.


Why Contact Us

Yeldell Scientific holds multiple  copyrights for the novel use of MS Office Addins in various industries. Chances are, we either have an existing Solution, Add-in or Plugin or can custom build one in as few as 2 business days.

Contact Us for a free quote or to schedule a demonstration.

Some of our clients include companies such as: 

Recent Case Studies

Case YS01: Pharma/Cosmetics Packaging Company


As a startup poised for success in the packaging of pharmaceuticals, single-use cosmetics and filled-vials, this organization was in need of a vendor that could create or provide a system that would replace their 100% paper-driven process for the management, recording and tracking of:


  • Purchase orders
  • QC disposition & Material sign-offs
  • Assignment of Raw Materials to BOMs/Purchase Orders
  • Inventory Reconciliation
  • FIFO tracking
  • Lifecycle of components from Sku to Finished Goods
  • Invoice Generation


As an additional challenge, the organization required that the system provide automations such as:


  • Email alerts
  • Real-time notifications of OOS/OOT
  • Aggregations and Roll-Up Reports
  • Pushing of data to mobile devices


Yeldell Scientific was commissioned to provide a 100% custom application for Material Management that achieved these requirements, all while leveraging their existing Microsoft framework and systems. Yeldell Scientific worked with the organization throughout the entire software development lifecycle (Requirements, Functional Design, Software Testing, User Acceptance, Training and Deployment). This custom Material Management System positioned the organization for success by way of eliminating their paper process and allowing them to easily manage all aspects of the flow of materials, components and finished goods via an intuitive software interface/dashboard.


The Materials Management System was fully customizable, yet out of the box, it managed the following aspects of the manufacturing/production-flow (all with complete workflow notifications and audit trail capabilities):


a) Purchase Order Creation

b) Tracking of Shipment/Deliveries of components

c) Assignment/tracking of lot numbers and expiration dates

d) QA / QC lot inspection (Release, Approval, Rejection, Block, etc)

e) Creation of Production Floor Requests

f) Transfer of items/components from warehouse to production floor

g) Reconciliation of components/inventory

h) Assignment of items/components to Finished Goods lot

i) FIFO tracking

Case YS02: Global Biotech Company 


This organization was in need of a vendor with an ability to collect, comprehend & translate their complex business rules into a compliant software solution for ad-hoc reporting for all aspects of their supply chain.  The solution needed to consolidate, aggregate and process data that existed from manual manipulations as well as from raw data that was automatically generated from SAP (for raw supply chain, inventory and planning) and then allow operators and planning staff to instantly view real-time, user-friendly, end to end, reports, scorecards and dashboards for the purpose of forecasting demand, supply and inventory of components and finished goods, all with varying levels of granularity.


 Yeldell Scientific was able to create, deploy and support a 100% custom reporting system that was deployed world-wide as an Excel-interfaced dashboard that processed manual and automatic data and produced multiple different types of reports and interactive search portals with varying levels of granularity to the source data.


The system was secure, user-friendly, automatically refreshed once per week and was developed to be open source and open-ended so as to be maintainable by onsite support and super-users. In addition, a portal was developed through which users could upload their existing data in excel format as "templates" that the system would then use to create additional views of the data. In essence, this allowed the custom reporting system to produce an infinite number of report types (with varying levels of granularity) even after development had ceased.  



 Case YS03: Global Pharmaceutical Company 


As a leader in the Pharmaceutical Industry, this organization was involved in the filling and packaging of vaccines in glass vials via an automated Bosch Filling Line that created large exports of data in .csv format within an SAP framework with data for each production run.


The organization was in need of a vendor that could assess their situation and quickly create a 100% custom application that could allow the large data exports to be organized, converted, sorted and manipulated in a way so that custom reports could be generated and useful data for trending would be made visible & actionable. In addition, the application had to adhere to FDA requirements for 21 CFR Part 11.


Yeldell Scientific was commissioned to create, deploy and support a fully customized application that that served as a Batch Fill Report System.


This system provided users with a secure login and interface and had the following features:


  • Browse for recent production runs.
  • Automatic download/upload data from / to SAP and then automatically apply business-specific rules and logic against the data for normalization.
  • Provided custom windows and pop-ups that allowed users to securely and instantly perform vLookups, Pivot Tabling, Searches and Conditional arguments.
  • Automatically saved all reports into a historical database for trending.
  • Generated time-stamped and electronically signed printable reports (text and charts) for auditing and submission to regulatory agencies.

Case YS04: Global Life-Science/Research Company 


The organization had a home-grown Excel based software tool that processed raw demand and inventory data and contained logic to apply business specific rules to the raw data in order to translate the monthly raw data into respective drug presentations for planning purposes (Bulk, API and Finished Goods). The organization needed a vendor to assess the current software model and provide an updated solution with optimizations for speed, user-friendliness, security and structure (within a 3 week turn around).


Yeldell Scientific quickly reviewed the process and business-specific rules and then followed through by developing, deploying and supporting a custom front-end interface connected to their existing application and suppressed the visibility of the existing background spreadsheet model and forced all actions to take place in a step-wise fashion from within the clean, structured, user-friendly wizard dialog. The software solution that Yeldell Scientific developed decreased waste and provided the following enhancements:


1) Decreased processing time of the existing data from 1 hour down to a processing time of 10 minutes.

2) Provided security by way of audit trail and preventing users from ever accessing the raw data directly (all activity was automated based on the business logic)

3) Guided the user through the data staging process in order for raw data to be uploaded for use within the tool.


Prior to Yeldell Scientific's optimizations, the overall process would normally take ~ 1 business day (data staging, prep and upload for use in the tool). After our optimizations and custom interfaces, the entire process could be conducted in minutes.


 Case YS05: Global Biotech Company 


The organization needed a user-friendly application that could interface with their existing installations of Microsoft Office that could function as an Automated Authoring System to assist in the creation, editing and submission of complex regulatory documents for drug filings submitted to health authority.


Yeldell Scientific was stationed in-house for this project and assisted in the drafting of all software requirements, functional design specifications, detailed design specifications and then followed through with development and support of a large-scale Microsoft Office-based Authoring System that streamlined all authoring of dossiers and drug submissions by providing medical writers and technical staff with a new integrated toolbar affixed to MS Word that housed hundreds of new functionalities specific to fostering submission readiness of documents to health authorities.


This application was rolled out globally and is the crux of all authoring of regulatory documents at the organization.